ABOUT - Jonathan Crowe Apparel

Jonathan Crowe designs all tell a story about the unique Caribbean Experience. Each design highlights an element of the culture and mixing pot that the Caribbean represents. Pieces of the Culture are blended with topical themes and presented on an original garment. It goes without saying that elements of our food, rich spices, true Tropical Beauty, Island Flair and the sharp West Indian whit bleed through like the ink in our prints.

Our goal is to create an item for every Island Vibe, so have a look around we are sure there is something here for you.


First World flair with real Caribbean style is more than just a slogan ~ They are the guiding words behind every design. It is the mantra we use to make sure that the elements of Caribbean culture that we put into our products are presented with the same type of Pomp, Circumstance and Panache as any major fashion house.


Since its establishment in 2018 - the brand has sought to weave strong representation of Caribbean  culture into each of its offerings.  creating a unique style approach while remaining true to all things West Indian. Our flagship offering the JAMOJIE TEES have been conversation starters and statement pieces from day one. The idea is based on representing traditonal amd topical island themes as emojis. We have consistently added new " JAMOJIES " each spring. Next drop will be feb 2023. 

Now just like your favorite uncle we pride yourself on being a little rude but nice enough to get away with it. We aim to be as amazing as grandma's holiday cooking and bring the same good vibe as Sunday on the beach at sundown with good music and the right amount of rum. More simply put " To create and evolving product catalogue that is synonymous with the region and as iconic as its other offerings." 

We are proud and unaunapologetically West Indian. We are the people who started of with humble beginnings but found a way to make it all look boasty. Our all Caribbean design team leans on the inspiration of all the grace and flair of our people. We are fully aware of the massive impact that caribbean style has had on the world. For us this reality manifests as very big shoes that we hope to fill. We we don't take that prospect lightly.